KOUTINAS S.A. – Insurance Broker Services, Lloyd's Binding Authority - FAQ

What is an Insurance Broker?

The Physical or Legal Entity representing the Client (Insured party), without any commitment concerning the selection of the insurance company. Proceeds to all the necessary preparations and controls the issue of an insurance policy and assists in the management of eventual damages on behalf of the Insured.

Why should I prefer an Insurance Broker?

Because, in contradistinction to the Agent who promotes / sells insurance products on behalf or an insurance company, the Broker acts and negotiates for the interest of his Insured Client. Moreover, the Broker is bearing objective liability vis-à-vis his Client for any eventual financial damage he might cause by errors or omissions in the frame of his services. 

Why should I chooseKOUTINAS S.A.”?

Because is a well-organized company possessing know-how and experience of European standards. Negotiates comprehensive insurances with reliable Insurance Companies. Furthermore, it is renowned in the insurance mediation market for its reliability and the quality of its services, confirmed by its accreditation, in 2007, as a Lloyd’s Coverholder (Binding Authority).